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“We are thrilled to be in our new community of Monticello, and thrilled to have the opportunity to continue the Chin Yuen brand of great food, prepared with high quality, fresh ingredients, flavored with natural seasonings. We will continue to use Onn’s recipes, and as a Chef, I look forward to introducing some new items, after we settle in, that will be prepared with the same care, same commitment to fresh ingredients and natural flavorings to enhance our service to the community.”

Eric Chen, Tina Ren & Emily

Eric Chen & Tina Ren are the new owners of Chin Yuen

Effective October 5th, of this year new owners are operating Chin Yuen Chinese restaurant in Monticello.

After cooking fresh ingredient, naturally seasoned Chinese foods for almost 40 years, Onn Khauv has found his replacement to continue the Chin Yuen brand here in Monticello. The new owners, Eric Chen and his wife Tina Ren, are new residents here in Monticello with their 6 month old Daughter, Emily, and have been working with Onn for some time learning to prepare his recipes, and getting to know Chin Yuen’s customer base preferences and expectations.

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